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April 2017 Practice Schedule
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Date Team Time
Wednesday, April 5th  12-Felix 4:30-6:30
Thursday, April 6th  12-Felix 4:30-6:30
Wednesday, April 12th  12-Felix 4:30-6:30
Friday , April 14th  12-Felix 4-6
Tuesday, April 18th  12-Felix 4:30-6:30
Friday , April 21st  12-Felix 4-6
Wednesday, April 26th  12-Felix 4:30-6:30
Thursday, April 27th  12-Felix 4:30-6:30
Monday, April 3rd  14-Charlie 4:30-6:30
Friday , April 7th  14-Charlie 6-8
Monday, April 10th  14-Charlie 4:30-6:30 w/14-Jordan
Wednesday, April 12th  14-Charlie 6:30-8:30
Saturday, April 15th  14-Charlie Ref @ Epic
Monday, April 17th  14-Charlie 4:30-6:30
Saturday, April 22nd  14-Charlie 6-8
Monday, April 24th  14-Charlie 4:30-6:30 w/14-Jordan
Thursday, April 27th  14-Charlie 4:30-6:30
Tuesday, April 4th  14-Jordan 6:30-9
Thursday, April 6th  14-Jordan 6:30-9
Monday, April 10th  14-Jordan 4:30-6:30 w/14-Charlie
Thursday, April 13th  14-Jordan 6:30-9
Tuesday, April 18th  14-Jordan 6:30-9
Monday, April 24th  14-Jordan 4:30-6:30 w/14-Charlie
Thursday, April 27th  14-Jordan 6:30-9

For more information on any Epic programs, you can to send an email to Epic's Head Coach, Pat Bonner, or you can call him at 858-486-5228.

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